Collected Interviews from Center For Performance Research Artists In Residence: Series 5

The following interview is part of a larger publication of collected interviews among Center for Performance Research’s New Voices in Live Performance artists: Sidra Bell, Antonio Ramos, Elisabeth Motley, and Alexis Zacarello. The publication edited by Elisabeth Motley and J. Haggis provides a platform for shared dialogue and conversation for both the participating artists and public.

Sidra emails Antonio. Please answer in writing.

SB: What is the genesis for a new work? Where do you find your initial inspiration to create?
AR: For this particular work—because every work is different—I’ve been working on a two-hour evening-length work. An evening of material was not fit for this showcase, so most of what I will be showing comes from a study born out of a study for that two-hour work. It was like a line that I was moreinterested in and wanted some time to explore. We’ve done this very quickly, but I’m still interested in this seed!

SB: What are the most important traits for your collaborators to have?
AZ: Openness, Sincerity , Clarity, Interest, Imagination.

SB: How do you sustain an environment for research throughout the creation process?
AZ: I take time for myself with the work as often as possible. iCal is particularly helpful.

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