About Motley Dance

Artist Mission Statement

My body is this and this and this and this and this
and this and this and that

a   nd this and tha t ttoo.

My practice links my own embodied inquiry with the borderless-ness of the body. The movements that reside in my body’s history and the falsehoods they are in dialogue with. The archives I hold both within my form and others hold from without.

Much of my life has been disrupted by brain disease- a choreography around non-symmetrical entering and exiting of agency.

How can movement be the lynchpin that destabilizes certainty and knowledge about what are thought to be appropriate bodies?

I explore the body as a collective instrument of cultural understanding, misunderstanding and uncertainty.

What are the histories of a plural body? I’m interested in examining the choreographic variance of non-compulsory movements and experiences.

How that movement hums in a million different directions. How the modes of viewership and interpretation of that movement exist and modify.

The deviant and disabled body as a vessel of implicit choreography.

My work attends to the fluidity of identity through movement, the body, and the social models therein. I research movement inclusively not just on an axis or spectrum but simultaneously.