About Motley Dance

Artist Mission Statement

I am a choreographer, director, and teacher who creates experimental dance performance. My work investigates the notion that having answers disguises the power of the question. My dances explore ideas of movement that occur within the body, rather than movements that are shaped upon the body. Through my own neurologic condition, I have come to specialize in movement for an aging population with neurological disorders. This practice has led to inquiry into the movements coded in the histories of our bodies. My research is in improvisational approaches and how the voice imprints into the body, and vice versa. I utilize stream of consciousness language maps as scores for movement, and translate musical and vocal improvisation methods to movement. My work often examines themes relevant to my own history: motherhood, the military, and neurology. I work to discover wide interpretation and abstraction of these ideas, and not create representation. I draw inspiration from research and lean into the power of communal creation as part of my process. Preoccupied with learning and creating a space for collaboration, I explore the energy that passes between a community of bodies in space.

Motley Dance Artistic Director: Elisabeth Motley