mer mic


“Motley’s work, Drill Piece is bursting at the seams with movement, sound, and light from the word “go.” True to her mission statement, this is a “total art environment.”
Dance Enthusiast

“Motley Dance should be seen by both fans of contemporary dance and novices. The images and the transformations will stay with you long after the final bow.”
Theater Online

“Motley executes a multifaceted performance masterfully… interactive and engaging… has produced a body of work that is unique, captivating and humorous”
Beyond Race

“Fluid movers…a compelling team… a good time was had by all”
Claudia La Rocco, The New York Times

“Motley pours as much humor into her works as she does her modern dance training”
Keisha Franklin, The Village Voice

“It took Motley to come up with this haunting vision of a piece, one that really works….a physical and powerful performance”
Off Off Off

“Elisabeth Motley does wonders as a stylish abstract solo”
Anna Kisselgoff, The New York Times

“Motley does a fine job with the Vaudvillian showmanship of this solo”
Pia Catton Nordlinger, The New York Sun

“The Choreography by Elisabeth Motley, brings to life a questionable hallucination… this ambitious production is highly effective and polished…more than anything delighted to entertain its audience”
Molly Marinik, Theater is Easy